10 beauty benefits of eating healthier

Beauty is on the inside and the outside, and so are the great results you can expect from eating a healthy diet. You’ll feel great inside your body and look great on the outside too. Whether it’s introducing fresh produce to get a whole host of vitamins and minerals into your diet, or avoiding things that really don’t help, like high cholesterol foods, a healthy diet has a huge role to play. Here are 10 beauty benefits that come with eating a healthy diet.

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One – Provide all the nutrients your body needs

The first point to make is that eating a balanced diet, one that’s full of nutritional benefits, will help support your entire body. That means better hair, skin, nails and eyes, all of which we’ll come onto more specifically. 

Also, eating nutrient-dense foods and avoiding high cholesterol foods provides you with so many health benefits, which will give you more of a beautiful glow. High cholesterol foods to avoid include fatty meats plus sugary cakes and biscuits, so make sure you only eat them in moderation.

Two – Protect skin from free radicals

Eating a good quantity of fresh fruit and veg helps to protect your body from the effects of free radicals, sunlight and pollution. The result of that? Younger looking skin! So, eat the colours of the rainbow and look forward to a fresher face.

Three – Prevent breakouts 

Eating whole foods versus processed foods lowers the amount of stress put on your skin, which can help with conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. On top of that, vitamin C found in oranges, kiwi fruits, broccoli, sweet potato etc. provides antioxidants that help blemishes to heal properly.

Four – Promote hair growth

Did you know that what you put in your mouth can affect hair growth, if you’re lacking in certain nutrients like biotin and protein? You can help promote hair growth by eating foods such as eggs and berries.

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Five – Support overall hair health

In addition to promoting growth, a healthy diet will give your hair the overall support it needs too. Eating nutrient-dense foods like spinach, oily fish and avocados provides your body with a rich source of vitamin E, Omega 3s and more. That in turn leads to strong, beautiful, glossy hair.

Six – Sparkly eyes

The eyes are a gateway to the soul, they say. And they’re also a really good indicator of health. Would you like the sparkly white eyes you often see in the movies? A healthy and balanced diet full of fresh ingredients will help you on your way!

Seven – Less wrinkles and bags

You need a healthy diet to promote fresh eyes, and that includes the areas around them. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of a nutrient-dense diet for making skin look younger, and it’ll help those dark circles too. As will making sure you’re always hydrated.

Eight – Strengthen nails

Want to know why you’ve got brittle nails? It could very well be down to your diet. Eating healthily will help keep your nails strong. Foods like nuts, beans, lean meats and leafy greens all do their bit to support brittle nails.

Nine – Sparkling smile

We’ve mentioned how a balanced diet can make your eyes sparkle, and it can do the same for your teeth. The key takeaway here is that the less refined sugar you take on board the better. Fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes etc. are okay in moderation, but they’ll quickly dampen the colour of your pearly whites.

Ten – More energy

Finally, you’ll get a big energy boost from eating well, which is great on two fronts. One, you’ll have more energy to complete your daily beauty regime. And two, when you feel better, you look better! 

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There you have it, 10 beautiful reasons to eat healthily!

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