Ready to start dating again

If you guys have been following me for a while, you will know that I have been single for about a year and a half now after my long-term relationship ended. It took me a while to mend my broken heart and get ‘me’ back again, but I finally feel in a good place in my life, and ready to start dating again.

Couple having coffee

The thought of dating again fills me with a whole host of emotions – nerves, dread, but also excitement at having someone new in my life, spending time together and getting to know each other. It has been a really long time since I have been on a ‘first date’ with someone as I was in my last relationship for almost 5 years. Navigating the dating scene now is all going to be quite new to me – long gone are the days of meeting someone in a bar or club (thankfully) and now a lot of people find love online from dating apps and dating sites such as Devon Dating Site.

I am actually really excited about being in a new relationship again. From the first date, where you both are as nervous as each other and hope that you get on with no awkward silences in the conversation, to spending more and more time together, getting to know more about each other, and meeting each other’s friends and families.

First Date Nerves

I always think the first date is the most nerve-wracking – all that worrying and wondering if they will like you when you actually meet face-to-face, will you get on with each other, is that magical spark there? I think it is good to be a bit nervous on a first date – once the adrenaline from the nerves kicks in, this helps you to feel a bit more relaxed and at ease with each other. Another thing about a first date is deciding on what to do. Doing something fun, like bowling or taking part in a pub quiz can make for a fun first date and help take the pressure off a little bit – no better way than having a good laugh to make you feel at ease with someone.

Once the first date is done, then the real fun can begin. For me, getting to know someone and spending time with them is the best part of being in a new relationship. Those emotions of just wanting to be with that person are amazing, where the warm fuzzy feeling of dare I say it L-O-V-E- begins to blossom – yes I really am a total romantic at heart!

When you haven’t been in a relationship for a period of time, like myself, you start to miss the little things about having a special someone in your life. For me, its cuddles on the sofa watching a film, someone to talk to when you have had a bad day, and even someone to come shopping with me, because not only am I looking for a partner, I am looking for a best friend too.

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