Finding My Motivation with Refocus Bands

With last Thursday being Mental Health Awareness Day, we are more aware than ever of our own, and other’s mental health. I know I struggle, particularly at this time of year with my own mental health, and feeling any motivation to do anything.

For most of this year, I have been working really hard on my mental health and especially my self-confidence, but every now and then, I have days where my belief in myself and my abilities just disappears. I recently came across something when I attended the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival that has really helped me to refocus when I am struggling with negative thoughts.

Refocus Bands from La Cle allow you to be more mindful and take control of your thoughts by simply flipping the band every time a negative thought overpowers you.

Refocus Bands

La Cle are a lifestyle brand that creates action-based products to remind and inspire you to consciously focus on the positives in yourself and the people around you. Their story began in 2014 when the founder, Deanna, wanted to create things that made people look good, feel good and do good. She started by creating key necklaces and then found inspiration from her old soccer days to create what is now the Refocus Band. They want to provide customers with products that add value to their lives and the journey they are on.

I picked up 2 Refocus Bands – ‘It Doesn’t Matter What They Think’ and ‘One Day At A Time‘.

It Doesn't Matter What They Think Refocus Band
One Day At A Time Refocus Band

Both of these messages I was instantly drawn too, and they really ring true with me. I have spent so long worrying about what other people think of me, that I started to forget that I actually matter, and not what other people think. One Day at a Time is a good reminder for me that I am on a journey and that every day I am taking another step on my journey to a happier, more confident and loving and living life Sarah.

Refocus Bands come in so many beautiful designs with so many incredible, inspirational and motivational messages – Nobody Said It Would Be Easy and Find Your Own Way also both ring so true for me.

If you would like to find out more about Refocus Bands and see the incredible range of inspirational messages, take a look at the La Cle Website (US Shop) or the Refocus Bands Website (UK Shop). Click HERE to get my great discount code to give you £4.00 off your first Refocus Band.

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