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Title: Willow

Author: Grace Parks

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Can a socialite and a technophobe fall in love?

A bubbly personality and a great job in social media didn’t mean that Willow Lawson had it all. Her love life was distant memory and her social life only work related. The maddening demands of life seemed to get in the way of finding time for herself or her friends. 

She starts the Pepper Lane Club as a chance to step away from her busy schedule once a month to reconnect with her friends. 

Thomas Greer, the proprietor of the Pepper Lane Café, annoys her. He’s her complete opposite; unsociable, serious, old-fashioned and dead set against social media. 

Always game for a challenge, Willow decides to take him on as a client. She’s going to prove to Thomas that he needs her help. She knew she would be successful, she just didn’t know she would lose her heart along the way.

Can Willow fall in love with a man that doesn’t respect her profession? Will Thomas let go of his preconceptions long enough to get to know the real Willow? Enjoy this sweet romance as Willow finds love and friendship in the first book in the Pepper Lane Series. 

Six women. Six stories. Six chances of love. One café.
The Pepper Lane Series follows the lives of six women as they share life, love and heartache once a month at the Pepper Lane Club. They might be an unlikely group of friends, but it takes all types to form a tribe.


I absolutely loved this book!

This is the first book in a new series, involving the six women who are brought together in the Pepper Lane Club, started by Willow Lawson and her twin sister, Riley. Willow’s job involves helping businesses’ gain more customers through social media promotion, so when Willow sees how fantastic the Pepper Lane Cafe is, but is lacking in customers, she is determined to put the cafe on the map!

Thomas Greer is the owner of the Pepper Lane Cafe, and is definitely not keen on Willow’s plans to attract more custom to the cafe. With b Willow and Thomas as stubborn as each other, I loved seeing how their relationship developed throughout the story.

Willow is a lovely and heartwarming story full of love, laughs and friendship. I would absolutely recommend Willow to anyone looking for that perfect summertime read. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series!

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