Review: Roots of the Earth Spa, Cheltenham

Roots of the Earth Spa is a natural and holistic health spa based in the centre of Cheltenham. I was recently invited by the lovely owner, Milena, to try out some of the treatments on offer at the spa (treatments gifted for review). The philosophy at Roots of the Earth is that everything starts when you connect with nature and feel that you’re a part of it and it is a part of you.

The spa is quaint and homely feeling, with a modern and welcoming decor, and almost a feeling of being somewhere abroad, not in the middle of a town centre. Fresh water and fruit on arrival was such a lovely welcoming touch from spa owner, Milena.

The first treatment I tried was the Infrared Sauna. I am not usually a fan of sauna’s – I get a bit too hot and heady and feel like I can’t breath properly. This Infrared sauna was amazing – the most relaxed I think I have ever felt. 30 minutes of total relaxation on my own, with relaxing music being played into the sauna, and a climbing temperature of up to 50 degrees, it was like being on a beach on holiday. I didn’t feel hot and sweaty at all, and felt completely refreshed and revived after my session, and a lot of water too!

Infrared Sauna

The treatment rooms are so beautifully decorated, cosy, welcoming and relaxing. I had the most relaxing and reviving back and shoulder massage, I felt so relaxed as the warm oil was massaged into my back and neck, and then Milena used a massage tool known as Gua Sha to help boost my circulation and to help relax all the tension in my shoulders and neck.

Treatment Room at Root of the Earth Spa

The treatments at Roots of the Earth Spa are not only super relaxing and reviving, but also focus on a natural and holistical approach to overall well-being. If you live in Cheltenham, or are in the area, make sure you pop in to Roots of the Earth Spa – I promise, you won’t regret it.

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