Keep That Winning Smile With Good Oral Health

Hands up if you knew that October was National Dental Hygiene Month? 

Nope, me neither!

Lady Smiling

How many of us actually really think about looking after our teeth and oral health? I know that I don’t. Over the years, I have really neglected my teeth and gums because I have had such a huge fear of the dentist. I still am massively scared of the dentist, but I realise that looking after my teeth with brushing everyday and making sure I do attend my check-up’s at the dentist will help keep my teeth looking and feeling good, and my oral hygiene on top form.

After years of using normal toothbrushes, and never feeling like my teeth were properly clean, the best thing I did was invest in a good electric toothbrush. It has been a total game-changer for me in terms of cleaning my teeth and getting that total clean and fresh feeling when your whole mouth just feels super fresh. I do floss as well, but I have found this quite difficult because I have quite large gaps in between my teeth – think Lara Stone (just no-where near as beautiful!) The oral irrigator panasonic could be the answer for me! The rechargeable oral irrigator uses jets of water to gently clean the gaps between your teeth, leaving them super clean and your teeth and gums totally cared for.

I must admit that if I am super-tired, I will occasionally skip brushing my teeth at night, and I know this is not good, so I am setting myself a new goal to make sure I brush my teeth twice every single day. I have quite yellow teeth, which I totally hate, so I have invested in a good whitening toothpaste to try and reduce the yellow-colour of my teeth and make them look a bit whiter and healthier.

If I keep to these goals, and make sure I don’t chicken out of going to the dentist for my appoinments, hopefully I will be able to achieve that beautiful smile, and have super healthy looking teeth and gums.


*This is a collaborative post


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