Celebrating Black Cat Day

As it is Black Cat Day, let me introduce you to my beautiful little fur-baby!

Miles Cat

I adopted Miles with my ex partner, from the RSPCA almost 3 years ago now, and to me, he has become part of the family, and my little fur-baby.

I was very nervous of getting a cat, as at the time we had just moved into a brand new home – Im sure you can picture the scene – brand new house, new carpet, new sofas, new furniture, new everything and cat claws!

We talked it over for a while, and decided that if we were going to get a cat, we wanted to get a rescue cat. We looked on a few websites for rescue animals in our local area, and then we went on the RSPCA website, and we saw a picture of him. Instantly, I knew I wanted him.

We arranged a visit to his Foster family to see him and see how we got on with him. He was so friendly, and so loving, and that confirmed it for me, he was perfect. We arranged to collect him the following week, and I took the next few days off work, so I could be at home with him whilst he was getting used to his new surroundings. As soon as we got him home, he darted under the sofa and hid under there – I was really worried that he wouldn’t come out. The following morning, I sat on the floor with a bowl of food to try and tempt him out. After an hour or so, he started to appear from under the sofa bit by bit, eating some food, and began climbing all over me, wanting some fuss.

From that day on, he grew his little personality, and became such a loving little cat. He adores fuss, and would happily be stroked, patted and fussed all day long. He has become part of the family, and I couldn’t begin to imagine not having him now.

I am going through a really difficult time at the moment, have a read of my recent post to find out why HERE , my cat is my lifeline at the moment, always there for me for cuddles and fuss and is helping me to feel better every day. He really is my little fur-baby and I love him so much


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