Make Sure Your Smiles A Winning One

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Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and wished you had a nicer smile? Most people do at some point and there are ways to make it better. So many people do not smile properly because they are concerned how their teeth will look, or because they don’t want to look as though they are grinning like a Cheshire cat. It does not take a great deal of effort to have pearly white teeth you are proud to show off, and there are ways to hold you head to do away with that grin.

Be Proud Of Your Teeth

The secret to your teeth looking good is taking care of them. Regular brushing and flossing are essential, as are visits to the dentist. Replace your toothbrush every couple of months as germs will build upon them and you will be putting those into your mouth.

Teeth are like any other part of your body in that prevention is better than cure. If something in your mouth does not feel quite right, visit the dentist straight away. Not all teeth problems are painful, and the earlier they are dealt with the better.

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, these are both likely to stain your teeth. Not everyone has pure white teeth to start with, but things such as these, and red wine, will darken their colour. This is why some people opt for professional teeth whitening by a company like Bright & White, so they can smile without worrying about how ‘yellow’ their teeth may look. To help avoid this type of staining, water is the best drink and there are foods that can help as well, such as apples and raw carrot.

You can help to make your teeth look whiter by wearing brighter lipstick colours. Pale shades tend to make your teeth look darker.

Hold Your Head Right

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Photographers generally agree that everyone has a good side that will look better in a picture than the other. Usually, this is the left. Don’t look at the camera head-on, but have your face turned just slightly to your good side. Lift your chin a little and the smile will look more natural and not like a huge grin.

You could practice this in front of a mirror until you are happy with the result. Then keep doing it until your smile is how you want without even thinking about it.

Your Next Smile

Of course, there are lots more reasons for us to smile than for photographs, and you need to yours to look as naturally beautiful as possible all the time. A smile that looks forced when you greet someone, for example, does not create a good impression. You cannot always be tilting your head into the right position in this situation, but you can make sure your teeth are looking as good as possible so that you are not afraid for other people to see them when you smile.

It is said that smiles are contagious, so pass yours onto someone else and maybe next time you venture out there will be a lot more smiles around.


*This is a collaborative post

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