August Goals

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Welcome to my August Goals post – wow, that seems totally crazy that we are in August already – this year is literally flying past in the blink of an eye. We are still going through this crazy hot weather here in the UK, and quite frankly, I have had enough of it now – yes, I am one of those boring people who moan about the heat, but being constantly sweaty + not being able to sleep at night + no actual holiday anywhere this year AT ALL = a very grumpy, tired and pissed off me!

Anyway, enough of my moaning – here are my Goals for August:


1. Write 3 posts a week – This was a bit of a mixed bag for me for July. I did manage to get 3 posts up on several weeks, but struggled to get 3 up on other weeks. The one positive thing for me, is that I know that I actually can get 3 posts written and scheduled if I really need to, but I also don’t want to write total crap just to say that I have posted 3 Blog posts a week.  I want to write really good content in my Blog posts, and that is what I really want to concentrate on.

2. Hit 2,800 followers on Twitter -I am so very grateful to every single one of my followers – thank you so much for sticking with me. One of my overall goals is for me to build my Twitter following and for me to be more active on Twitter and hopefully get more of you amazing people reading and liking and engaging with my Blog.

3. Maintain 500 followers on Instagram and increase my followers – I finally made it past the elusive 500 followers on Instagram, and I am now at 530 followers. My goal is to keep building my Instagram engagement and post more often. My Instagram is not very ‘pretty’ like a lot of other Bloggers I follow. Mine is just more real-life – photos of me and the things that I love. Instagram really does baffle me – it really is so hard to maintain your followers, so thank you to all of my followers who are still with me.

4. Figure out LinkedIn – I have been on LinkedIn for a while now, but have never really used it for any real purpose. I want to understand more about the platform and how I can use LinkedIn to help promote my Blog.

5. Attend More Blogger Events – I am very lucky that I have already attended a few Blogger Events this year, and I recently have become a lot more involved in some local events near to me, and through that have been given the opportunity to Blog for other people. Please have a read of my blog post all about the recent Cheltenham Beauty Week HERE


1. Exercise regularly – I  am still really struggling with this at the moment – I wrote a Blog post explaining why, if you wanted to have a read, you can do HERE. I am trying to build my confidence back up in myself to get back into exercise again. This really is a hard one for me, I wish I could explain how I feel a bit easier, but I just cant seem to find the right words.

2. Look after ME – I am very much into the idea of self-care, and looking after myself more this year. I am a natural-born worrier, and I really need to try and take some time out for myself, without feeling guilty or that I am letting people down. I have got a Spa Day booked at the beginning of September with 2 of my really good friends, which I am so excited for – chilling out and getting pampered with 2 of my best friends – what more could you ask?

3. Read more – I have managed to read 2 books throughout July, and I really enjoyed the actual relaxation of sitting down and reading. I am taking part in a few Book Blog Tours in August, so will be reading a lot more this month as well.

4. Write in my Journal – I love spending just a few minutes at the end of the day writing in my journal – how my day has been, how I am feeling and what I want to achieve. This for me has been the biggest positive change I have made – spending just a few minutes each day writing in my journal helps me so much to process thoughts and concerns I have. This is definitely something I will continue into August and beyond.

Have you made any Goals for August or any Goals for 2018 yet? Let me know in the comments. 

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