My New Tattoo

I had my first Tattoo done for my 30th birthday, and ever since then I have really wanted to get more, but I could never really decide what I wanted. I went though the whole Do I/Don’t I for such a long time, I even had an appointment booked to get a little star on my foot, but then backed out at the last minute, and decide that no, I didn’t want any more tattoos done.

That was until I spotted the most insanely gorgeous tattoo on the beautiful Suzie from Hello October and I knew that was what I wanted – a small black heart on the side of my wrist. I adore small and intricate tattoos and knew this would be perfect for me.

My Tattoo

I found the most amazing Tattoo Artist at the No Regrets Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham. Lily was so gentle and I had no pain at all. It took about 45 minutes to complete, and I am totally over the moon with it – I love it so much, and don’t know why I waited so long to get it done!

I have completely got the tattoo bug again, and want to get another one done very soon, I am really loving the idea of getting one of the really little ones on my finger or on my hand!


Do you have any Tattoos? What do you have and what made you chose the tattoo you have? Let me know in the comments



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