The Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co

I think it is fair to say that we are a nation now addicted to takingĀ Selfies!

Personally, myself I am not a fan of having photographs taken of myself (probably something to do with my lack of self-confidence), but taking a selfie appears to have become a national past-time now!

So, for all you Selfie Lovers out there, I have the perfect accessory for you – the Selfie Bag. The bag, designed by The Cotton Bag Co, is the perfect accessory to help you get the perfect photo on the go!

Selfie Bag

The bag comes in 2 designs – Black canvas with a gold design or the Natural canvas design* which I was very kindly sent to review. The bag is the perfect size to take with you on a day out, with lots of room to hold all the essential things you need, plus the bag features inner pockets which have been specially designed to hold your smart phone and selfie stick – everything you need for that perfect selfie!

But, the selfie bag holds one more very clever design feature to add that perfect look to your selfies. A fold-out reflector sheet, to give your selfies the look of professional lighting, wherever you are!

Selfi Bag

Inside the bag, you receive a free guide on ‘How to Bag Yourself the Perfect Selfie’ The guide contains hints and tips on getting that perfect shot and how taking selfies can help boost your confidence.

If you’re a Selfie Lover, and want to get your hands on the Selfie Bag, take a look at The Cotton Bag Co Website HERE



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