April Goals

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So, here we all are again, another month has gone and I am sitting here writing my April Goals post and I have never felt so happy that we are finally officially in Spring – although the weather doesn’t really reflect that (as I look out of the window at the rain poring down!)

Spring really is my favourite time of the year – the time when I feel so motivated and ready to achieve all my Goals. Have a read of my previous post all about why I love Spring HERE .

So, here are my Goals for April . . .


1. Write 3 posts a week – I have really struggled with this throughout March. There has been so much going on, and I ended up taking a week off from my Blog and writing – not really sure why – maybe I lost a bit of my Blogging Mojo but I am back on the ball now, and looking forward to posting 3 times a week throughout April.

2. Hit 2,400 followers on Twitter -I am so very grateful to every single one of my followers – thank you so much for sticking with me. One of my overall goals is for me to build my Twitter following and for me to be more active on Twitter and hopefully get more of you amazing people reading and liking and engaging with my Blog.

3. Hit 500 followers on Instagram – If you are a Blogger and use Instagram, you will know hoe hard it is at the moment to keep Instagram followers. I have been at 496 followers for ages now, and I finally hot 500 followers. I was super happy, however (and unsurprisingly) I then lost followers again, so I am now setting myself the goal (again) of hitting 500 followers!

4. Increase my Followers on Bloglovin – I currently have 82 followers on Bloglovin, and I would really love to increase my followers. My goal is to get to 100 followers on Bloglovin, and I would like that as soon as possible, but I am not putting a time period on this at the moment.

5. Attend Blogger Events – I was very lucky that I have already attended a few Blogger Events this year, and I may well having something really exciting coming up, but I will let you guys know if it does work out, but I really want to attend more Blogger Events in April, and throughout the rest of the year.


1. Exercise regularly – I really haven’t done a lot of exercise at all in March. I am still struggling a bit with motivation and getting myself back to the gym. I get very anxious and worried about what people will think of me, and I totally lack confidence in myself so much.

2. Look after ME – I am very much into the idea of self-care, and looking after myself more this year. I am a natural-born worrier, and I really need to try and take some time out for myself, without feeling guilty or that I am letting people down.

3. Read more – I have bought some amazing new books recently and I cant wait to sit down and take some time out to read. This is another aspect of looking after myself and taking time out to relax each evening by reading – even just for 30 minutes every day, to help me wind down and relax.

4. Write in my Journal – I bought a beautiful daily journal to write in. I love spending just a few minutes at the end of the day writing in my journal – how my day has been, how I am feeling and what I want to achieve. This for me has been the biggest positive change I have made – spending just a few minutes each day writing in my journal helps me so much to process thoughts and concerns I have. This is definitely something I will continue into April, and beyond.

5. Spend more quality time with my man – Life is so busy for us both that even living together, we don’t spend that much time together. We are trying to plan some Date Night’s so as we can have some quality time together.


One pretty major thing that has happened in March for me is that I went self-hosted on my Blog. You can read all about my decision to go self-hosted and the process involved HERE  

Have you made any Goals for April or any Goals for 2018 yet? You can read all about my 2018 Goals HERE

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