Primark Chocolate Make-Up Review

I have tried a few things from the Primark PS Make-Up range, and have had mixed feelings – some things I loved – their nail varnish range is incredible – other things are not so great! I was quite excited when I saw on a recent shopping trip, that Primark have released a Chocolate range of make-up. I have never really been into gimmicky make-up before (sorry Too Faced, but your palettes are just too expensive for me!)
I thought I would try a few things from the range to start with, so I bought the Eye Palette in Milk Chocolate and the Chocolate Bronzer. There are several other items in the Chocolate range, and everything is priced under £6.00, so its all really affordable.
Primark Chocolate Palette and Bronzer
Primark Chocolate Palette and Bronzer
The Primark Milk Chocolate Eye Palette contains 3 shades of eye colour. A more shimmery brown shade, a light brown matte colour and a more darker brown matte colour. I actually rally love this palette, the shades are perfect for blending together to create more of a daytime look – I have been wearing mostly the 2 matte colours together in the daytime for work. They are actually quite pigmented, and blend really easily together. I’m not so much of a fan of the shimmery colour, but I would probably use this to create more of a night-time look.  Overall, I think this palette is really good value for money, oh and it does smell of chocolate, which is always a bonus for me!
Primark Chocolate Eye Palette
The Primark Chocolate Bronzer is so pretty! It literally looks like milk and dark chocolate all swirled together – and smells just like it too! It is quite a shimmery bronzer, so I only use a small amount, as I don’t love shimmery products too much, but it gives a nice colour to my cheeks and makes me look a little healthier than I usually do at this time of year. I really like this bronzer, and think it would be great to use in the summer time to add a bit more definition to my face.
Primark Chocolate Bronzer
Overall, I am quite impressed with the 2 items I bought from the Chocolate range, and would really love to try out more products in the range, especially as they are all so affordable.

Have you tried any of the Primark PS Chocolate Make-Up Range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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