Making Memories with Printiki

When you lack self-confidence like I do, taking photos of special times with my partner just doesn’t happen. I cant think of anything worse than having my photo taken, but my self-confidence issues means that I miss out on having photos to look back on to have memories of special times we have spent together.

My partner and I have just celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and we have decided to keep a scrapbook of special events and memorable times together to look back on in years to come, and this includes photographs of us together.


So when the guys at Printiki * offered me the opportunity to try out their online printing service, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to print out some of the pictures that we did take, but have just been sitting in the camera roll on my mobile phone.
The ordering process is very simple and straightforward – I ordered just some simple prints, but you can also order retro prints, posters, books and canvas prints as well. You can choose photos from your Instagram and Facebook pages, Drop Box and OneDrive, as well as from your photos on your mobile phone.I was super happy with my photos when they arrived. My partner and I have started our scrapbook with the photos from Printiki. The Scrapbook will just be for us, to look back on our special times together and I am so pleased that we now have some really special memories to look back on, with the thanks to Printiki.

What do you do with your photos from your phone? Do you print them and display them at all? If you are looking for some inspiration on what to do with your photos, Printiki have a brilliant Instagram Page where they share incredible inspiration on displaying your photos.

If you want to print off your photos to keep as memories, then you can get free shipping with Printiki with my code: SSQ7BYEH



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