What and Who Inspires Me

I have been thinking a lot recently about what (or who) in my life inspires me to keep going.
As a lot of you guys will know, 2017 was a pretty crappy year for me in many respects, but throughout all of the difficult and tough times, I seem to have found an inner strength in me that I never really knew I had before – a strength which made me keep going, keep fighting and keep being strong through some of the most toughest times I have been through.
All throughout my childhood, my Mum and Dad bought me up to be strong and independent – I have 2 sisters, and all of us are strong and independent woman. I always looked up to my Mum and Dad, and they have always been there for me – no matter what.
As an adult now, I appreciate my relationship with my parents even more, and through all my bad times last year – my parents were the first people I turned to for advice, support and just a bit of home comfort, and without their support and guidance, I wouldn’t have stayed as strong as I did and come out the other end.
I always want to make my parents proud of me, so that desire always motivates me to keep going, keep driving forward and keep striving for my dreams.
I have so many dreams and goals I want to achieve – I am a strong person, and I don’t give up easily. I will never stop working towards my goals, as we only get one life – each day is precious – never give up on your dreams, goals and ambitions.

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