Unboxing my LoveDrop Box

With Valentines Day just around the corner, all the loved up young couples are buying each other cute fluffy bunnies and heart shaped chocolates, with those of us who are in long-term relationships feeling a little bit ‘meh’ about Valentines Day.
But it’s still super important for couples in long-term relationships to have some time alone to keep the spark alive and remind each other that you still love and fancy each other, and that’s where the LoveDrop* box comes in!
What is LoveDrop?

LoveDrop is a bi-monthly subscription box at £45 delivered to your door. The company was set up by husband and wife – Ben and Alex, who realised just how important date nights are in long-term relationships and how important alone time is too. They wanted to create something to make a difference and keep the spark alive. I think this is a brilliant idea, as we are all guilty of falling into the mundane and routineness of everyday life, and forget about showing and telling your partner how much you still love and fancy them. I know I am completely guilty of getting caught up in everyday life.  

What Do you Get In Your LoveDrop Box?

Each month, there are new and exciting things to try out, but each box will always contain a selection of sex toys, date night gifts, activities and samples.
I received the December LoveDrop box to try out, and my box contained:
A ‘Welcome to your first LoveDrop’ card
A ‘Welcome to Date Nights Delivered booklet explaining all about the items in the box, challenges to bring you and your partner closer together, date night ideas and fun facts
LoveDrop Prompt Cards
Lelo Nea
The Melt Co Joy Candle
Lelo Hex Condoms and Lube Samples
Divine Milk Chocolate Bar 
My Thoughts

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the actual sex toys and activates included in the LoveDrop Box – because a girl needs to keep an air of mystery about her!
My boyfriend and I have used other Date Night subscription boxes in the past, and really enjoyed using them and having great date nights at home, and I can definitely see us adding this one to our collection as well. I love the idea that each box is different, but the concept of bringing couple together for a romantic (and steamy) date night is always the same – which is so important when you are in a long-term committed relationship. 
Head over to the LoveDrop Website and sign up today – it is the perfect Valentine’s Gift for you both, and will guarantee you the best Date Night ever!
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ❤

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