ImPress Press-On Nails Review

I was very kindly given the opportunity to review some fantastic press-on nails by the brand ImPress*. I used to wear false nails a lot when I was younger, but they left my nails in a pretty rotten state, as the glue was so strong – it was always so hard to get the false nails off, without leaving my own nails in a proper state.
So I was really excited to try out these nails from ImPress, as they are different from normal false nails. These are press-on nails – no glue is required, you just use the sticky pads provided in the kit.
I tried out the nails in the design Swept Away and Symphony. Within each kit, you get 30 ImPress gel manicure nails, a mini nail file and a wipe (to make sure your nails are free of any moisture) to help the nails stick to your own nail well.
The Swept Away design contained 24 nails in a stunning red colour, and 6 accent nails in a black and white polka dot design. The Symphony design contained 24 nails in a pretty pink colour, with 6 accent nails in a pink and gold chevron design.
Both sets of nails were very easy to apply, and even though I didn’t use any glue, the nails felt very secure and weren’t going to ping off! The nails lasted really well – up to a week without having any issues. My nails didn’t affect my real nails at all, which is what I have struggled with in the pas when using false nails.
I would definitely buy the ImPress Nails again, they would be especially good to wear for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day – the Swept Away design would be perfect for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. They are so easy to apply and cost around £8.00, which is such good value in comparison to getting an actual manicure done.
If you want to check out the rest of the ImPress collection, you can find them at Superdrug & Boots.
Have you used any of the ImPress Press-On Nails? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments. 

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