My 2018 Goals

Happy New Year, Happy 2018

So, its the start of a brand new year, and time for me to set myself some Goals to achieve this year. I find that setting goals is far easier than making a whole list of Resolutions – which I know I wont stick to and will make me feel like crap. Goals are much more achievable and put less pressure on me. 
As with My 2017 Goals I am focusing this year on Blogging and Personal Goals . . .


I really want to focus a lot on my Blog in 2018 and progress it a lot further than I have at the moment. Writing really is one thing I love doing so much – even if I’m not that good at it!
1. Maintain a regular schedule of posting twice a week – three times if possible.
2. Create a posting calendar and make sure I have at least 2 week’s worth of posts scheduled so I know what is going on!
3. Work on my photography – I still only have my phone to take photos on, but I can definitely improve my photos with good props and good editing techniques. 
4. Grow my followers on my Blog and Bloglovin – I am so grateful to every single one of my followers, and I love you all for sticking with me – thank you.
5. Be more active on Twitter, and get involved in more of the Blogger Community on Twitter – I would love to get to know more Bloggers through Twitter.
6. Attend Blogging Events – I would love to go to more Blogging Events and get to know more Bloggers who are local to me.
7. Work with more Brands – In 2017, I worked with some amazing
Brands, and I would love to continue this throughout 2018.
8. Be Proud – I never really tell my friends or family about my Blog, so in 2018, I want to be proud of what I have achieved with my Blog, and make sure I tell everyone all about my little corner of the internet!

I know there are so many areas of my personal life that I want to work on in 2018, I want to be a happier, healthier and nicer person in 2018.
1. Continue to follow the Slimming World Plan – I managed to lose 5 stone this year following Slimming World, and I want to carry on following the plan, and lose even more weight. I haven’t yet put a target on how much I want to lose, but I still have quite a way to go.
2. Go to the gym regularly – In 2017, my gym membership didn’t see much action, but I want this to be different in 2018. I want to plan my gym classes and sessions in my diary, but also go out walking as much as possible, which will be a lot easier when the nicer weather comes back.
3. Maybe think about starting running – I toyed with the idea a few months ago, but totally chickened out, but I would love to give running a go – maybe starting with the Couch to 5K, and see how I get on.
4. Take care of myself more – I’m not very good at taking care of me. I always seem to put everyone and everything else ahead of me, but in 2018, I want to put me first and take care of myself a lot more, mentally as well as physically.
5. Write in my Journal daily – I have a brilliant Gratitude and Daily Journal, and in 2018 I want to make sure I take just a small amount of time out of each day, to think about and write down what I have in my life and what I am grateful for.
6. Get back into reading – I love reading, but I really haven’t spend much time in 2017 reading – mostly I reach for my phone and faff around on Social Media, rather than pick up a book. I want this to be very different in 2018. I have lots of new books that I cant wait to get reading. 
7. Spend more quality time with my Man – 2017 was a hard year for both my partner and myself, and in 2018, I want us to spend more quality time together, doing fun things like we used to. I want us to make plans for exciting things that we are going to do together throughout the year.
8. Care Less – Throughout most of my life I have worried so much about what people think of me and the decisions I make. In 2018, I have decided that I will try my hardest to care less of what people think, and just enjoy my life exactly as I want to live it.

Have you set yourself any Goals or Resolutions for 2018? I would love to know what they are. let me know in the comments below.

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