Slimming World End of Year Update

As you will guys know, I have been following the Slimming World Plan for a while now. I was doing so well, and managed to get my 5 stone award at the beginning of September, just before going on holiday to Lanzarote. Since coming back from holiday, I struggled with my motivation, and I would put some weight on, and then lose it again, and I kind of got into that cycle, but I still was following the plan as much as possible.
I have had a lot of personal things going on in my life, probably since the beginning of October, and life has been hectic as hell – I wont bore you with all the details, but my Dad has been very sick – in and out of hospital about 6 times since August – he finally has been given the all clear now, which is so good. Unfortunately, my partner was then very ill and he was in ITU in hospital – he is all ok now, and home from hospital, but for a few weeks, I was just grabbing food whenever I could and sometimes grabbing a supermarket sandwich on the way home from visiting my partner in the evenings.
As you can imagine, Slimming World was the last thing on my mind at that time, and I have really not been on plan at all over the last month. Every week, when I go to my weigh in, I have put weight on, and it has been 3 or 4 pounds – I am very disappointed in myself, but also, I know that I really needed to give myself a break from being on plan.
Consequently, my last weigh on before Christmas last week, I have put a stone back in, so I end my year with Slimming World and losing 4 stone in eight, which I know is still really good, but I am super disappointed/angry at myself as I know I was super motivated and if I had have stayed on plan, I could have ended the year with a much greater loss.
I want to get my motivation back again, and I intend to start 2018 with a massive amount of motivation, not just for Sliming World, but for many aspects of my life that I want to change – but that’s for anther post! I’m not setting myself a target weight in my head (just yet) as I don’t want o put too much pressure on myself, but I plan on losing a lot more than I have this year.
Do you have any Health and Fitness Goals for 2018? Let me know what they are and how you plan to achieve them in the comments. 

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