S+ by ResMed Sleep Tracker Review*

I have had difficulty with sleep for quite a long time now – I used to work shifts, which really messes with your sleeping pattern, and ever since then I have really struggled with my sleep, coupled with having Restless Leg Syndrome, my sleeping can be so bad.

So, when  I was contacted by the team at ResMed to try out the S+ Sleep Tracker, I jumped at the chance – anything that can help me get a better night’s sleep is exciting in my book!
The S+ is the world’s first contactless sleep monitor, and comes with a device that I sat on my bedside table and a free app that I downloaded onto my IPhone, It took me no time at all to set up the app with my details and I was all ready to go!
The app provides a daily sleep score along with a chart showing your sleep pattern, and provides coaching and advice on how to improve your sleep. The S+ has some really great features, such as the Mind Clear function, which allows you to get all those thoughts that are running through your head out by recording a voice memo, which you can then replay the next day know what your To Do list is for the day.
The best feature I love is the Relax To Sleep, which works in time with your own breathing. You can set sound to drift off to sleep with. This then automatically turns itself off when your breathing indicates that you are sleeping. I love this feature, and set it every night, and this really does help me to drift off to sleep.
The only negative point for me is that for the S+ to work, it needs to be plugged into an electric socket, which I know not everyone has by the bedside, and for me, it meant I had to unplug my lamp in order for me to use the S+.
Overall, I really loved using the S+, the app has provided me with some really useful advice on improving my sleep, and I can see that my sleep really has improved since using it. My sleep score on my first night of using the S+ was 74 and now I am at 91, so I am well on my way to a perfect night’s sleep!
The S+ is priced at £129.95 and can be bought on their website here
Have you ever used the S+? Has it helped you to get a better night’s sleep? Let me know in the comments.

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