My Tattoo and Me

I have always loved tattoos – I think they look really elegant and they can be so unique and individual.
Personally, I love the more small and discrete styles, and that is what I went for when I got mine.
I had wanted a tattoo for years, yet was always so nervous about getting one as I thought it would hurt so much (I am a total wimp when it comes to pain!), and the fact that it would be there forever! So, instead I went down the piercing route – and got my eyebrow and nose pierced.
I loved my nose piercing, but my eyebrow piercing was horrific, and made me look like a man! I didn’t keep it in for long, but I loved having my nose piercing, although after a few years, I decided to take it out.
I decided to bit the bullet, and for my 30th Birthday, I treated myself to my tattoo, and I totally love it! I wanted something small and discreet, so that I could cover it up easily for work if I needed to. I decided on a Chinese symbol for LOVE, which I got on the inside of my wrist.
I completely and totally love my tattoo – it did hurt quite a lot, but it was definitely worth it.
I really do have the tattoo bug now, and would love some more. I have fallen in love with the new small finger tattoos, and I would love to have one of these – I think they look so cute and elegant. I would love maybe a little heart, star or lightening bolt on my little finger.
I think I may have to book an appointment soon!

Do you have any Tattoos? What kind do you have, and what made  you get it done? Let me know in the comments. 

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