Lily England Marble Luxe Brush Set Review*

Today I’m going to be drooling talking all about the stunningly gorgeous, and oh-so on trend, Marble Luxe Make-up Brush Set from Lily England. The amazing guys at Lily England very kindly sent me this beautiful set of brushes to try out, and oh my god – they are beautiful.

So, before I get in to talking about the brushes – which are amazing by the way – shall we just take a moment to melt over the Marble and Rose Gold design of these brushes – Bloggers Paradise!
The set contains 9 brushes, which all come in the super handy holder – also in the same marble design, which looks  incredible sitting on my make-up unit.

Each brush is unique with its own marble design, meaning that no other brush will be the same as yours – I love this, it makes the set feel even more luxurious and almost personalised. The brushes are cruelty-free and vegan, so perfect for everyone to use.

What is included in the Marble Luxe set . . .

1. F1 Powder Brush – The perfect big fluffy brush for applying powder or bronzer. This is such a soft and fluffy brush, which I have been using for applying my bronzer. 
2. F2 Complexion Brush – This is a domed brush for applying foundation. I have been using this brush to buff in my foundation – it is so soft, but works my foundation into my skin perfectly, leaving a seamless look to my skin. 
3. C1 Contour Brush – I am the worst ever at  contouring, but this brush allows me to work the product into my skin really easily, leaving a really lovely glow to my skin.
4. C2 Sculpt and Glow Brush – I have been using this brush for highlighting – it has the softest touch and just a tiny touch on my skin with the highlighter leaves a natural looking glow.
5. E1 Luxe Crease Brush – This brush is perfect for blending eye colours together to create a more natural look.
6. E2 Shadow Brush – I love this brush for applying eyeshadow, such a soft and fluffy brush which makes applying eyeshadow so much easier and more precise. 
7. E3 Contour Shader – This brush is incredible at packing the eye colour on if I am doing a more smoky or bold eye look.
8. E4 Angled Brow Brush – I never used to really bother with my brows, but using this brush makes getting a perfectly defined eyebrow so much easier. 
9. M1 Multi-Tasker – Great brush, and easy to use for using to blend in concealer under your eyes.
10. Make-Up Brush Holder Case – Perfect for storing all your beautiful brushes, and looks very sleek and elegant when displayed.

I really love using every single brush in this set, they are some of the softest and fluffiest brushes I have ever used, and priced at £45.00 for the whole set, they are extremely affordable. They feel far more expensive and luxurious then they are, and just so on-trend with the incredible marble design.
You can buy the Lily England Marble Luxe set here
Have you tried any of the make-up brushes from Lily England? Or any of their other products? Let me know in the comments below.

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