Review| Aspire Lounge at Birmingham Airport

I have just come back from an amazing holiday in Lanzarote. We flew from Birmingham Airport, and as our flight was 2.30pm, my boyfriend and I decided to start the holiday off in style by booking into one of the lounges at the airport.
We pre-booked into the Aspire Lounge, and we were able to spend 3 hours in the lounge before our flight.
The Aspire Lounge is located in the main departures area after going through the security checks.
When we arrived, the lounge was quite busy already, but as we had pre-booked, we had a table already reserved for us. We had a table overlooking the runway, so were able to  watch some of the planes taking off.
Included in our booking was complimentary snacks and drinks, so we got settled in our seats with a few cheeky G&T’s, and some really lovely food to nibble on.
There was a selection of rolls, soup, crisps, peanuts, cheese & biscuits and a selection of cakes on offer. Some of the food began running out very quickly, as the lounge was very busy, but the staff worked really hard to replenish all the food as quickly as possible.

Drinks were also included, and I sat back relaxing with a few cheeky G&T’s and a hot chocolate!

There were also a selection of the most recent newspapers and magazines to read whilst we were waiting for our flight. The lounge also has a live update screen, showing all flights departing, so we sat back and relaxed.

It was probably the most relaxing and stress-free start to my holiday possible, and I would definitely book the Aspire Lounge again for my next holiday.

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