Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash Review

I was recently sent this body wash from Australian Bodycare* I was super excited to give it a try, as I am always going through body washes and having to run out and buy a new one, but also I do have some areas of my skin (particularly my arms) that have been quite dry and flaky recently. My normal body wash doesn’t really seem to help, so I was excited to see if this skin wash could help at all.
This skin wash contains extracts of Tee Tree Oil, which is known to have antiseptic and healing properties to the skin, and is excellent to use on spot-prone skin. Tee Tree Oil has a very distinctive smell to it, and this skin wash contains Tee Tree – so if you are not fond of the smell of the oil, this skin wash may not be for you.
I actually really love the smell of Tee Tree Oil, so for me it is perfect.
The wash contains 2% Tee Tree Oil, has a neutral PH balance and is suitable for sensitive skin. The wash itself is quite runny in consistency – I use a body puff in the shower, and I when I put some wash onto my puff, and as it is very runny – I ended up with quite a lot of product!
The wash lathered up really well, and my skin felt super clean and refreshed after. The dry and flaky patches on my arms definitely improved after using this skin wash, and I really love the idea of a wash that is suitable for everyone to use – even those with more sensitive skin.
I will definitely incorporate this skin wash into my shower routine in the future – especially during the autumn/winter months when I get very dry skin anyway.
The Australian Bodycare Tee Tree Oil Skin Wash can be bought here.
Have you tried any of the products from the Australian Bodycare range? Let me know what your favourite product is.

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