Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Pencil Review

I was recently sent this Brow Pencil from Billion Dollar Brows*, I was very excited to try this as I am rubbish at doing anything at all with my eyebrows, and it is only very recently I have finally got them looking half-decent!
Like I said I am so rubbish at my eyebrows, I literally just brush them through with a spooly brush – and that is me done!
One thing that really attracted me to this Brow Pencil is that it can work for all hair colours, and as I have never really bothered with my eyebrows before, I was a little bit nervous about having really dark and heavy eyebrows.

The packaging is a sleek black design, with the pencil at one end and a brush at the other end – which makes it even easier as I didn’t need a separate brush. The pencil is a twist-up pencil, which is good as there is no waste and I find this easier to use.
I found the pencil really easy to use – I was used a light touch to start with, but as I used it more, I applied more pressure along the main part of my brow and just light feathery strokes towards the ends, so as to not make them look to ‘drawn on’!

I used the brush to just make sure my brows looked neat and tidy. I was super pleased with the overall effect of this Brow Pencil. The effect lasted all day, and even my boyfriend said to me “have you done something to your eyes” which shocked me as he never even notices if I have my hair cut!
I am not good at doing my eyebrows, but this Brow Pencil makes it easy for me to have nice looking brows that don’t look too fake, and just look really natural.

This Eyebrow Pencil is now a firm favourite in my make-up routine every day.

The Billion Dollar Eyebrow Pencil can be bought here.


  1. 08/30/2017 / 8:43 am

    It really is so easy to use Emily – I totally love it x

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