August Goals

So, here we are again – another month has gone, and another Blog post with my monthly Goals – this time for August. Seriously, where has this year gone – I cant actually believe we are in August, can you?
However, I am quite excited as it is only 4 weeks until my Holiday to Lanzarote – I am seriously counting down the days – I can not wait!
July has been a funny one for me – I have had a lot going on, but I have really struggled with just feeling emotionally and physically drained and exhausted. I decided to take a week away from Blogging (Which I hope you guys understand) just to give myself a bit of time to get myself feeling better again – lots of early nights and catching up on sleep, and I am feeling so much better already, but totally ready for my holiday now!
Thinking about August, these are the goals I would like to achieve by the end of the month . . .


1. Write 3 posts a week – I have been posting three time a week throughout most of July, but I’m not sure if this is becoming a bit hard for me to achieve each week. I may decide to post twice a week for definite, and then add  a third post in if I am able to. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, as I know August for me is a bit of a crazy month generally. I really hope you guys are still liking what I am posting?
2. Hit 1,500 followers on Twitter -Amazingly, my followers on Twitter keep increasing – thank you to every single one of my followers – you guys are all amazing, and I love being part of the Bloggers Community on Twitter.  One of my goals for August and an overall goal for me is to build my Twitter following and for me to be more active on Twitter and hopefully get more of you amazing people reading my Blog.
3. Take part in Twitter chats – I still haven’t done this – oh actually no, I have but it was a local business chat to where I live – but it was great to be involved, and I have found a local Bloggers Group in my local area, which I didn’t know about before, so it was totally worth while taking part. I  still would love to get to know more Bloggers and I think Twitter Chats will help me, and help me understand the Blogging community a bit more, so I will totally try and take part in at least one this month.
4. Attend Blogging Events – Incredibly, I was invited to a Bloggers Event for Kiehl’s in Bristol, but I couldn’t go as I could get time off work – I was so gutted to not be able to attend. its so difficult when you work full-time and Blog to be able to combine the two. Luckily, my Manager is really great about my Blog, but due to it being summer and a lot of people already on annual leave, I just couldn’t get the time off. I really want to attend some Events – hopefully by the end of this year I can get to at least one! 
1. Exercise regularly – My exercise has just totally gone out of the window in July. I did do a few walks, but I haven’t been to any classes at the gym or been swimming. I need to get my arse into gear and get myself back into regular exercise. It made me feel so much better not just physically but mentally as well, and I need to keep this in mind and really focus on getting back in to exercise for August.
2. Look after ME – I had an amazing time at my Spa Day in July, and it really did help to recharge me, but I have been suffering with really bad tiredness and lack or energy and motivation throughout July, so I really need to take time out for myself and look after me. I spend a lot of my time worrying and taking care of other people, that I always seem to come and the bottom of the list. I need to make me a priority in August.
3. Reward Myself – I am following the Slimming World plan at the moment – if you want to see how I am getting on, you can have a read here. I have decided that for every stone I loose, I am going to treat myself to something new – either some new clothes, make-up, or just something to mark the achievement of hitting another stone gone. I am hoping to do a Slimming World Update post in the next few weeks – so keep your eyes peeled for that one.
4. Read more – I have been so tired throughout July that when I get into bed in an evening, I literally just fall asleep, so I have hardly managed to read at all, which is such a shame as I love reading, I just I want to make more time in August to just sit and read and take that time out for me.
5. Spend more quality time with my man – Life is so busy for us both that even living together, we don’t spend that much time together, but we have some exciting plans for the next few months, and we are trying to have a Date Night once a week to just have quality time together.

Have you made any Goals for August, or for the year? You can read all about my (intended) 2017 Goals here

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