Slimming World Update Part 3

If you read my previous post you will know that I have been following the Slimming World plan.
I have now been on plan for 20 weeks (5 months), and at this week’s weigh-in, I finally got to 4 stone loss in total.
I am so happy with getting to this target, as I have had a particularly stressful time the last few weeks, and I really tried hard not to lose my motivation and let the stress affect me in a negative way – I am a comfort-eater at stressful times – but managed (mostly!) to not give in to this, and keep myself on track.
I did actually put a pound on during June, which broke my record of losing weight on every single weigh-in since I started – but that’s life I guess!
I still don’t feel like I am missing out on anything, and am really enjoying eating all the amazing free foods that you can eat on plan. Even better, is that in conjunction with Iceland Supermarket, Slimming World have created a range of frozen meals, which also includes a summer range, with everything you will need for a Syn-Free Summer BBQ!
I do still need to focus more on my exercise, as I have let that slip a bit recently, and I really don’t have any excuse (except that things have been super stressful recently), but I am trying to focus on that more. I am trying to plan my exercise sessions in my diary a few weeks ahead, which definitely helps me, as I am a real planner, and love my “To Do” Lists, so I think this helps me to make exercise more of a goal if it is planned out and written in my diary!
I am a member of David Lloyd Gym, and I have been going to Clubbercise classes and swimming, both of which I love, but there is so much more that I could do and take part in there, so I really want to make this a goal now.
I have 8 more weigh-ins before my holiday, so I am really hoping that I can achieve another stone, if not more by then. I intend to have a good time on my holiday, and then get myself re-focused again to take me up to Christmas time.
I love how motivated I am feeling at the moment – I hope I can continue to follow the Slimming World plan, keep my exercise levels up, and keep seeing amazing results when I get on the scales every Friday.
If you would love to hear how I get on following the Slimming World plan – leave a comment below and I will post another update soon. Also, I am hoping to do a review of my gym – David LLoyd, if you would like to see this, leave me a comment below.


  1. 07/18/2017 / 11:50 am

    This is amazing well done!! I also follow the Slimming World plan and had the most awful June and gained, however came back this week with a 2lb loss, im so determined and it's so lovely to see you achieve 4 stone! What an acheievement! I'd love to see what you eat daily, like a meal plan or some recipes!!

    Adele x

    • 07/18/2017 / 6:52 pm

      Hi Adele, thank you for your comments – that's so sweet of you. Well done on your weight loss – that's a fantastic achievement. Its great that you are also so motivated – it really does help. I have been thinking about doing some Blog Posts about how I plan my meals and some of my favourite recipes x

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