Me, myself and I . . .

I have always enjoyed spending a certain amount of time on my own – I like my own company and can entertain and amuse myself easily for a few hours – but I went though a period of time when I never seemed to get any time to chill out on my own – I think this was probably around the time my boyfriend and I bought our house and moved in together.
I guess it was because it was a whole new thing for us both – that we just wanted to spend all our time together – either doing things in the house, or going out places together – which was, and still is amazing, but every now and then, I feel like I just need a bit of time to myself.
I think my boyfriend and I recognised this, and we both decided that doing things on our own was a good thing, and we would both value even more our time spent together. So I have been doing more things on my own, having some much needed and deserved “Me Time”.
But, I still find it really strange how people still, have the assumption that you should always doing something with someone else in tow! Where has our independence gone?
I recently booked myself in for a Spa Day at a local hotel to me – I found an amazing deal on Travelzoo, and thought – why the heck not – I deserve it. So, I booked a day off work, and booked myself in for some pamper time, and yet when friends and colleagues asked me who I was going with, I said I was going on my own – I think they thought I had lost the plot!
I had the most amazing time – I swam, relaxed in the jacuzzi, had 2 amazing treatments, curled up on my lounger with my book and had a really chilled out day. I didn’t feel lonely or lost, it was very liberating being able to do exactly as I wanted without checking with anyone, making sure someone else was ok – it was all just about ME!
I felt alive, relaxed and re-energised, and have learnt that sometimes, time on my own, to recharge my batteries makes all the difference in the world.
Do you ever take time out just for you? What are your best tips for re-charging your batteries? Let me know in the comments below.

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