50 (or 47) Questions You Have Never Been Asked Tag

lovely Nikki from Sparkles At Midnight has tagged me in “The 50 (or 47) Questions You
Have Never Been Asked Tag” I am super excited to take part as I have never
taken part in one of these tag posts before.
Pop over to Nikki’s Blog and check out her answers too!
1. What’s your
favourite candle scent?
It has to be Jo Malone Fig & Cassis. It has such a deep musky scent
– I totally adore it.
2. What female celebrity do you wish
was your sister?
I have 2 amazing sisters already who I love very much – there is no
celebrity who could replace my 2 sisters ever.
3. What male celebrity do you wish
was your brother?
I would love Daniel Craig to be my big brother –
not only am I a HUGE James Bone fan and think that Daniel Craig is the best
Bond by far, but he would definitely protect me and stick up for me.
4. Do you know a hoarder?
I used to be a massive hoarder – I could never throw
anything away, but I think now I have my own house, I am a lot better at
letting things go, especially as I want our house to look modern and tidy – and
that cant happen with a hoarder!
5. Can you do the splits?
Good god, no – I think I would probably hurt myself quite seriously!
6. How old were you when you first
learned how to ride a bike?
I remember my granddad buying me and my twin sister
super cool bikes – we would probably have been about 7 or 8, so I guess that
would be when I first learnt to ride.
7. How many oceans have you swam in?
I think probably 2 – I used to love swimming in the
sea, but I feel a little funny about it now. I much prefer swimming in a pool
to the sea now.
8. How many countries have you been
Definitely not as many as I want to! England, Tunisia, Canary
Islands, Portugal, Gambia, Spain and Germany.
9. Is anyone in your
family in the army?
No, and as far as I am aware, no-one ever has been.
10. What would you
name your daughter if you had one?
I have never really thought about it. There are personal reasons why,
but I wont bore you with all of that one here.
11. What would you
name your son if you had one?
Same as above!
12. What’s the worst
grade you’ve got on a test?
I think probably my GCSE Maths – I got an E – I am
rubbish with numbers, but I make up for it in other areas!
13. What was your favourite TV
show when you were a kid?
Neighbours and Home & Away – I would watch it avidly every single
day for years.
14. What did
you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8?
I never really dressed up for Halloween, we just
went Trick or Treating to the neighbours in my street, – we never used to dress
15. Have you
read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
16. Would you rather have an
American accent or a British accent?
British all the way.
17. Did your mother
go to university?
18. Are your
grandparents still married?
All of my Grandparents have sadly passed away.
19. Have you ever
taken karate lessons?
No – never been my type of thing!
20. Do you know who
Kermit the frog is?
Of Course – who doesn’t?
21. What was the
first amusement park you went to?
My mum and dad used to take us to Drayton Manor Park a lot when we were
22. What language
beside your native language would you like to be fluent in?
I would love to speak Italian – it is such a
beautiful language.
23. Do you spell the
colour grey or gray?
24. Do you know any
No, but I am a Twin – I have a twin sister.  
25. Do you prefer
Titanic or The Notebook?
I have never seen The Notebook, and I have seen Titanic too many times
now, I guess I will have to say Titanic.
26. Have you ever
had Indian food?
Yes! One of my favourite’s – although I am a bit of a wimp with spices.
My go-to dish has to be a Prawn Korma!
27. What’s the name
of your favourite restaurant?
I have so many favourite places to eat – I don’t think I can actually
say one restaurant which is my favourite
28. Have you ever
been to Nandos?
No, and I just don’t get the hype about the place I’m afraid.
29. Do you belong to
any warehouse stores (Costco, Bookers, etc.)?
30. What would your
parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
I literally have no idea.
31. If you have a
nickname, what is it?
Smiley, Smiles, Sar-bear!
32. Would you rather
live in the countryside or the city?
Definitely the City, but I love the fact that where I live I’m never far
away from being in such beautiful and peaceful places as well.
33. Can you whistle?
No, and whistling drives me mad!
34. Do you sleep
with a nightlight?
No, but I used to work shifts, so I am used to sleeping at all times of
the day/night.
35. Do you eat
breakfast every morning?
Yes, I cant function unless I have breakfast – I start to feel really
36. Do you take any
pills or medication daily?
Yes, I take medication for Restless Leg Syndrome.
37. What medical
conditions do you have?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
38. How many times
have you been to the hospital?
Quite a few.
39. Have you ever
seen Finding Nemo?
I am probably one of the only people in the whole world to have not seen
the film!
40. Where do you buy
your jeans?
ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, New Look.
41. What’s the last
compliment you got?
From a very good friend who told me I looked beautiful.
42. Do you usually
remember your dreams in the morning?
Most of the time I do.
43. What flavour tea
do you enjoy?
Not a Tea drinker – the smell of tea makes me feel a bit sick!
44. How many pairs
of shoes do you currently own?
Way too many – I don’t even know the actual number.
45. What religion
will you raise your children to practice?
I have never even thought about it.
46. How old were you
when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?
Probably about 13 or 14.
47. Why do you have
a blog?
I love writing, and when I started my Blog, I never really thought
that anyone would actually read it! I am really proud of my achievements so far
with my Blog, but I still have so much more to invest in it to make it even

There we go – my 50 random questions and answers. I hope you enjoyed
reading this post and finding out a little more about me?

I now tag
the beautiful Sarah from Boxnip

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