I am strong . . .

You know when your just ticking along with life, thinking that everything is good, and then the poo hits the fan in a big way?
Well, that’s what happened to me this week. Its been one of the toughest weeks of my life.
There are times in your life when you don’t feel strong enough to cope with things – this week has been one of those, and I have managed to get through it with the love and help of my family and friends.
One thing I have discovered about myself this this week is that when I feel like crawling on to bed, pulling the duvet over my heard and hiding, I seemed to find within me a strength to actually keep going.
I wont go into details on here, but I just wanted to let you all know the reason why I haven’t posted anything this week, and that hopefully (keep everything crossed) things will get back to normal next week.
Thank you all for sticking with me – every single one of you is amazing x x

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