Fitbit Flex 2 Review

If you follow my Blog, you will know that I have been following the Slimming World plan to help me lose weight. I have currently lost 3 stone 11 pounds following the plan – if you want to know how I am getting on – have a read of my update post here
The one thing I am not that great at is exercise – I know that if I am more active it will help speed up my weight loss and help me to feel better about myself – I just lack the confidence at the moment to go to the gym.
I have heard so much about the Fitbit trackers, and how they can help to not only motivate your exercise, but monitor your steps, your calorie intake, water intake and your sleep pattern. I really wanted one but never felt I could justify the cost to myself.
I decided to treat myself and get a Fitbit – but I didn’t really know which one to go for. I knew that I wasn’t looking for an all-singing, all-dancing one, as I am only at the start of my fitness journey, so after a lot of research I went for the Fitbit Flex 2.
I completely love my Flex 2. It has totally changed my way of thinking about exercise.
I knew that I wasn’t very active during the day, as I have an office based job that I sit at my desk a lot of the day for, but it was only after wearing my Fitbit for the first day, did I actually see how few steps I did – I was actually quite shocked!
I have made a conscious effort since then to be more active every day, which included walking to and from work, and going out for walks in the evening – especially as we are having such amazing weather right now. I am defiantly seeing an improvement in the amount of steps I do each day, and several times now I have managed to hit the target of 10,000 steps per day!
I haven’t used my Fitbit in terms of managing my calories or water intake as yet – although this is something I want to start doing, so I know that all the information is in one place – and especially as I am rubbish at drinking water – I am hoping this will encourage me to drink more and keep myself properly hydrated.
The one thing I have been loving using the Fitbit for is looking at my sleep pattern. I know that I have always struggled with sleeping, but I didn’t realise how restless I was at night. The results from my Fitbit show that I am very restless in the night and awake for quite a period of time. I found this really helpful to monitor and see if a pattern was emerging on my sleeping habits.
For me though, the best bit about the Flex 2 is that you can wear it whilst swimming. I love this feature as I am an avid swimmer and the fact that this Fitbit can track my swimming I totally love. I have worn it swimming every single time I have been and I have not experienced any problems with it getting wet – I was really nervous the first time, but all good so far! For me, this makes this Fitbit a game-changer over all the rest of the fitness trackers on the market.
I totally love my Flex 2, and wouldn’t be without it now – in fact, it barely leaves my wrist at all.
Do you have a Fitbit, or another fitness tracker? What is the best feature for you? Let me know in the comments.

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