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I have struggled with oily skin for many years now, and have recently heard about how face products containing charcoal can help draw out all the impurities in the skin, so when I was offered the opportunity by Iroha Nature to try out some of their  charcoal skincare products, I jumped at the chance.

Charcoal is an ingredient used within a lot of skincare products, that has huge anti-bacterial properties. It works by drawing out bacteria and dirt, bringing them to the surface of the skin to help clear pores and leave you with deeply detoxed skin.

I was very kindly sent 3 products from the range by Iroha Skincare to try out.

Iroha Charcoal Nose Detox Strips – £5.99

I love using nose strips to help get rid of blocked pores and blackheads. There really is no better feeling than peeling off one of these strips!

They are so simple to use – you just wet your nose area with some water, peel off the strip from the backing sheet, and apply the nose strip for about 10-15 minutes. When it is dry, peel off the strip – and if you dare – take a look to see how many blackheads and yuck it has pulled out!

I use one of the nose strips once a week, and for me they really are a game-changer in terms of getting rid of all the nasty yuck.

Iroha Charcoal Peel-off Detox Mask – £4.99

I have heard quite a bit recently about people using peel-off masks and them being in pain when removing the mask, however this mask is not like that at all.

I applied the mask to my t-zone area (chin, nose and forehead) as these are the areas I struggle with in terms of oily skin and breakouts. I left the mask on for about 15 minutes and when it was dry, I slowly peeled it off to remove. It is advised to remove the mask in an upwards movement to ensure all blackheads are removed.

My skin felt so much smoother and I could definitely see a visible difference in the clarity of my skin.

Iroha Charcoal Tissue Detox Mask – £3.99

Tissue masks ae such a bit thing right now, and personally I love them. They make using a face mask so much easier and leave skin feeling so refreshed, so I was excited to try this one out.

The mask is really easy to apply – I just kicked back for about 15 minutes on the bed relaxing while the mask worked its magic. One of the things I love about tissue masks and this one as well,  is that you always get some excess left on your skin, which I love to massage into my skin to prolong the effects of  the mask.

My skin was left refreshed, hydrated and felt really glowy and radiant.

I was really impressed with this range from Iroha Skincare, and all 3 products helped to detox and leave my skin feeling more fresh and radiant.

The Iroha Skincare range is available to buy at Boots.

Have you ever tried any charcoal skincare before? What did you think of the results? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. 10/21/2017 / 2:28 pm

    Link aktif otomatis terhapus!!! and these products have a imported formula medicine sometimes can't find in medical store or local market the we import from theblack mask for blackheads

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