May Goals

I don’t think I have done too badly in ticking off things on my April Goals list. I have really been trying hard to be more productive in April, and more organised about things – and I definitely am feeling more in control again of things, and that helps me to be more productive.
I have been in my new job for 2 months now and I am loving it – I work with such a great bunch of people and I am really enjoying going  to work everyday. I still have a lot to learn but that will come with time.
I love this time of year so much – I feel so alive and full of motivation and energy.
So, this is what I am hoping to achieve by the end of May . . .
1. Write 2 posts a week – I have been posting twice a week throughout most of April, and I really want to continue this into May. I have actually managed to make myself a Blog Planner and have started planning out post ideas twice a week throughout May, so lets hope I can stick to this!
2. Hit 1,100 followers on Twitter -Amazingly, I hit 1,000 followers on Twitter in April, so one of my goals for May is to build my Twitter following and my presence on twitter and hopefully get more of you amazing people reading my Blog.
3. Take part in Twitter chats – I still haven’t managed to take part in any Twitter chats as of yet, and this is something in May I would really love to do.  I would love to get to know more Bloggers and I think Twitter Chats will help.
4. Up my photography game – I know I still need to work on my Blog photography, but I did have a lovely comment by another Blogger who said my Blog photos were really good – which was really sweet. I need to look at different apps I can use for editing my photos and making them look better before I use them in my Blog posts.

1. Exercise regularly – I have been to the gym in April, but I know that I still need to up my exercise a lot more. I have joined Virgin Active and I need to start using the facilities a lot more than I am at the moment.
2. Try and save more money – I have managed to put some money in to my savings account in April, which I am really pleased about, but I still want to save money now I have a better salary in my new job.
3. Reward Myself – This Goals slightly conflicts with the one above, but I am following the Slimming World plan at the moment – read how I am getting on here. I have decided that for every stone I loose, I am going to treat myself to something new – either some new clothes, make-up, or just something to mark the achievement of hitting another stone gone.
4. Read more – I love reading, I just never seem to have the time to sit down with a good book, and if I read in bed I usually end up falling asleep with the book on my face! I want to make more time in May to just sit and read and take that time out for me.
4. Spend more quality time with my man – Life is so busy for us both that even living together, we don’t spend that much time together, but we have some exciting plans for the next few months, and we are trying to have a Date Night once a week to just have quality time together.
Have you made any Goals for May, or for the year? You can read all about my (intended) 2017 Goals here


    • 05/13/2017 / 3:53 pm

      Thank you for your really sweet comments Alisha, its really kind of you. Ill check out your list of Twitter chats too – I really want to take part in as many as I can x

  1. 05/26/2017 / 6:44 pm

    These are really great goals.. I've had a hard time trying to bring mine to light let alone try to reach them but yours gives me some great ideas. Thanks for writing!

    • 05/27/2017 / 9:38 am

      Hi Jazz, thank you for your really sweet comment. Hope you're goals are coming along well? Look out for my June Goals post soon x x

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