15 Favourite Things

I have read a few other Blogger’s posts about their Favourite Things, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and let you all in on just a few of my Favourite Things . . .

Takeaway Treat: This is an easy one for me – Pizza.  I love Pizza. We usually get ours from Domino’, but I also love Pizza Hut as well.

Film: This is a toughie for me – I love so many films – from the classic Dirty Dancing and Grease to Air Force One, Skyfall, Spectre and Die Hard 2.  I do love a good girlie film though – I think 27 Dresses is probably my most favourite girlie film.

TV Show: I am not much of a TV watcher – I much prefer to read. Having said that, I have just finished watching the Planet Earth 2 series, and that was quite simply amazing.  I have such a soft spot for David Attenborough!

Song: I couldn’t possibly name just one song as my favourite.  Music is really important to me, and I would much prefer playing music than having the TV on. I love many styles of music so to name one favourite song would be impossible for me.

Book: I think one of my all time favourite books has to be PS I love You by Cecelia Ahern – I have read it so many times now, and I cry every single time I read it – such a beautiful and emotional story.

Memory: I have so many good memories of my childhood and growing up.  My parents used to take us to the Isle Of Wight on holiday each year, and I have so many great memories of amazing holiday’s there with all my family.

Piece Of Advice: Always Believe That Something Good Is About To Happen and Carpe Diem are 2 quotes that I always go bak to when I need a positivity burst. I wrote a post all about my favourite quote and why it means so much to me. You can read that post here

Musical: Without a shadow of a doubt, the best theatrical performance I have ever seen was War Horse at the Bristol Hippodrome. Outstanding – that’s all I can say.

Beverage: I definitely am a Champagne and Cocktails kind of girl!

Guilty Pleasure: Candles and Shoes. I have so many candles around our house – pretty much in every room!  I also have a real thing for shoes – I have so many pairs of shoes and boots its crazy!

Favourite App: I love my Twitter and Instagram Apps on my iPhone. I am so bad for just having a quick check throughout the day! Follow me @misssmiley32 on Twitter and misssarah33 on Instagram.

Favourite Celebrity: I’m not sure I really have a fav celebrity, but Michelle Obama certainly ranks highly in my estimations.

Ideal Date: Having a lovely romantic evening in – cooking dinner together, watching a good film or listening to some great music and lots of cuddles on the sofa.

Evening Meal: I am rally loving nice home cooked meals at the moment. One of my favourites is Pork Chops, with Peas and Mashed Potato. We cook the Pork Chops in our George Foreman Grill to make them a bit healthier and they taste so yummy.

Proudest Moment: I think becoming a home owner last year was one of the proudest moments of my life. I LOVE our house so much and have had so much fun making it into our own home. Owning a home was something I have dreamed of for so long and I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I now do own my very own home.

What are your favourite things? Let me know in the comments.

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