Summer Cleaning Challenge

I have a confession to make – I am a bit of a clean freak.  I really like tidiness – everything in its right place, and no clutter.  I also really love cleaning, 
My boyfriend and I bought our home together this year, and I have really been enjoying buying all my cleaning products for the house, and spending time getting it looking spick and span.  It leaves me with a real sense of satisfaction!
So, when I was asked if I wanted to take part in Myriad PR’s Summer Cleaning Challenge – I literally jumped at the chance. Imagine how excited I was when a big box of cleaning goodies turned up on my doorstep – eek!
The contents of my ‘Cleaning Supplies’ box included . . .


EVERYONE needs a duster in their home – for those hard to reach places (like behind radiators, and for those shorter people in life like myself, to reach up to the ceilings to get rid of those yucky cobwebs (and why is it you can only see the blooming cobwebs when its sunny?)

Kitchen Paper and Toilet Paper

Again, more household essentials. Firstly, lets not beat about the bush – everyone uses the bathroom and the toilet, and everyone needs toilet paper!  I am a little bit snobby with my toilet paper, and I like to have a nice soft feeling one – so this one from Cushelle is a perfect addition to my bathroom.
Kitchen paper is also such a handy thing to have on the kitchen unit.  This ‘Big One’ from Plenty is fantastic, as the sheets are a much larger size than normal kitchen paper, meaning that one sheet with some multi-surface cleaner on it, cleans my worktops over perfectly without having any waste.

Bin Buddy Freshener and Marigold Gloves

Another 2 total cleaning essentials in my book.  I am quite a ‘girly-girl’ and although I don’t mind any aspect of cleaning, I do like to keep my hands and nails protected by wearing rubber gloves! These Marigolds are excellent – they fit perfectly, and I didn’t have that struggle after cleaning to try and get them off! 
I HATE bins – smelly, yucky rubbish all festering together for 2 weeks at a time before being collected, so this Bin Buddy freshener is amazing.  When the bin has been emptied, I liberally sprinkle this in the bottom of the bin to keep it fresh.  I also use this on our kitchen bin, by sprinkling a little in the bottom of the bin liner each time. Perfect – fresh smelling bins!

Compost Bin

I have to be honest, I havent yet used the compost bin, although it is such a cute design. The main reason I haven’t tried the Compost Bin yet is I only moved into my new house at the beginning of the year, and I haven’t done much in the garden yet, so I think I will get more use out of this next spring/summer time.

DustBuster Mini Cleaner

This mini cleaner has got to be the best, and most essential part of any cleaning kit.  We have a cat, so our sofas and carpets regularly get covered in cat hair.  This cleaner is amazing for cleaning up those little jobs that you don’t want to get the Hoover out for.  The fact that it is also cordless means it can be used anywhere without wires trailing all over the place.
I love this little cleaner.
I now have a super clean home that I find so easy to maintain with a weekly clean on a Sunday morning.
My quick cleaning tip – I keep a packet of baby wipes handy for quick cleaning during the week.  I use them for general cleaning – I figure if they are gentle enough for a baby the wont do any damage to my furniture.
* I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for this review.


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