My Favourite Quote and Why It Means So Much To Me

Carpe Diem – Latin for Seize the Day

There are many inspirational and motivational quotes out there that really resonate and impact on me, however, Carpe Diem has always been the one that means a lot to me.

Seize The Day

I have always been one of the world biggest procrastinators, and I am guilty of making so many plans, and never ever carrying them out. I was a drifter – always thinking that I will do it one day – one day I’ll finish the novel I started writing 4 years ago, one day I’ll throw myself into the blogging game properly.

And then December 2014, I became very ill, I was admitted to hospital and told that I would have had about another 2 weeks before my organs began to shut down from septicemia, and I could die.  To cut a VERY long story short, I had to have emergency surgery and a long spell in hospital, and at home recovering.

Since then, I have started appreciating life more, taking more risks, working harder to achieve the things I really want in life, and never forgetting that life is precious, and can be snapped away from us in a heartbeat.

Therefore, Carpe Diem is the motto I intend to live the rest of my life by, and live every single day to the fullest, and don’t put off until tomorrow, what I can do today.

Do you have a favourite quote that means a lot to you?

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