Bras Galore – My Review

Every girl loves underwear right? I love having nice underwear, and matching sets – even just wearing nice underwear every day makes me feel more feminine and sexy.
One thing I do struggle with though is shopping for underwear.  I like to be able to try things on in the privacy of my own home, and not in a shop changing room (although having said that, a lot of underwear shops have totally improved their changing room facilities making them a lot more comfortable now)
When the lovely Danielle from Bras Galore got in touch and asked if I wanted to review some of the beautiful underwear from her website, I jumped at the chance.
Bras Galore is a designer lingerie, bras and swimwear website, providing women the chance to buy beautiful underwear from the likes of Freya, Fantasie and Elomi. A range of sizes is available to suit all women, but the website has a very handy Bra Size Calculator to help find your perfect size.
I chose the Fantasie Belle Balcony Bra in black (*) which I got it in a size 38 C (this is my normal size)
This bra is beautiful – one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn.  It fits perfectly, and leaves me with a fabulous silhouette in my chest area. The bra is made from satin, which lies smooth underneath your clothes. The cups fit perfectly, with no gaping or puckering. 
I wore the bra all day at work, and when I got home at the end of the day it was still as comfortable as when  I had put it on in the morning.
I would definitely recommend this bra as being one of the most comfortable, flattering and beautiful bras I have ever worn.
The Fantasie Balcony Bra is available here priced at £38.00, and to create a matching set, the briefs are available here priced at £17.00

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