Adam And Eco Wax Melts

I am a complete candle freak – you only have to take one look around my house, and all you will see in every room (including the bathroom) is candles.  I adore the feeling of relaxation and calmness you get when candles are lit.
However, one thing I have only used a few times is wax melts – an alternative to candles, so when the guys at Adam and Eco very kindly offered me the opportunity to try some of their wax melts (*), I jumped at the chance.
I chose 3 different scents – Cherry, Orange Blossom and Passionfruit. The melts came packaged in a cute little box, with all 3 scents giving off the most amazing smell when I opened the box.


This was the first melt I tried, and OMG – the scent from this was just incredible.  The wax started to melt very quickly after I lit the tealight in my burner, and left a beautiful deep red colour wax giving off the most intense smell, leaving the room smelling amazing for the whole evening.

Orange Blossom

I adore anything with the fragrance of orange blossom – its such a delicate smell, unlike the very citrusy smell of plain orange.  This wax melt does not disappoint. It has a very light and floral scent, which when melted provides a lovely background fragrance to the room, which is not too overpowering.


I totally love this fruity fragranced melt – the smell of this when it is burning reminds me of summer, holidays and cocktails.  It is incredible, so fresh and such an awakening smell.
I have definitely become a lover of wax melts, and can not wait for more dark, wintery nights so I can get my oil burner out and enjoy the fragrance of my gorgeous smelling melts.
The wax melts from Adam and Eco are all soy based, with a huge variety of scents to choose from, and priced at only £1.00 for 3, you can afford to try every fragrance!

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