Perspirex Comfort Deodorant Review

I’m not the kind of girl who gets embarrassed easily – I will happily talk about periods, farting and sex, but one thing I do struggle talking about is body odour. I think this may have something to do with two of my so-called ‘friends’ from school, who  pointed out to me (not in a very nice way) that I smelt. 
Needless to say, they didn’t remain my friends for very long after that, but the resulting outcome was that I have always carried a deodorant and a body spray in my handbag ever since.  
Being and feeling fresh is very important to me, but lets face it – EVERYONE SWEATS (or as I like to call it – glows!)
Over the years, I have tried many different deodorants, in the hope of finding one that keeps me feeling fresh and smelling sweet, so when I was approached by the guys who make Perspirex deodorant, asking if I would like to review theirs, I jumped at the chance.
Perspirex is a range of high-performance antiperspirants, specifically formulated for those who need extra protection against sweating and body odour, and is clinically proven to provide long-lasting protection.
There are 3 types of deodorant in the range – Original, Strong and Comfort.  I was sent the Comfort variety to try.
The Perspirex range of deodorants are very different in the method of application than most standard deodorants.  This is applied at night before going to bed, and then rinsed off in the morning.
At first, the idea of putting on a deodorant at night was a bit alien to me – one of the very last things I do in aa morning as I’m getting ready for work is put my deodorant and perfume on – so I know that I smell fresh when I leave the house.
The deodorant has a nice smell – its not the usual floral fragrance of most deodorants, but its not unpleasant. My first time using it, I did worry that it may sting my underarms,  but as I applied it, I felt no stinging at all.  The product dried quickly and I wasn’t left feeling sticky.
I showered the product off the next morning and didn’t reapply any deodorant before leaving for work.  At the end of the day, my underarms felt dry and fresh.  I didn’t notice any odour at all.
The instructions in the product recommend to use every 2-3 nights per week, but I was quite nervous of doing this in case I began to develop odour, so I used the product every evening.
I can definitely say that after many years of searching and trying deodorants to find the ultimate in freshness, I think I may finally have found the one
The range of deodorants from Perspirex can be found here



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