A-Z of ME!

I know the whole A-Z of me tag has been around for a really long time now, but as I’m very late to the Blogging party, I’m only just catching up! (sums me up all over really!)

So here we go guys, 26 things about me – from A – Z!

A – Alcohol

I wouldn’t say I’m tee-total (because I’m not) but I don’t really enjoy drinking anymore.  God, that makes me sound so old and so boring!  I find when I drink, I become really grumpy and moody, and it takes me forever to feel like myself again.  Having said that, I wouldn’t refuse a Cocktail on a night out – that’s a whole different story.

B – Birds

I HATE birds – all birds, with a passion, but especially Swans and Peacocks – they scare me unbelievable amounts.  Enough said!

C – Cat

My beautiful little fur baby.  He is my world. I love him so much. We got him from the RSPCA as a rescue cat, and he has changed my life for the better.

D – Driving

I’m not the worlds most confident driver – so long as I can get where I need to, that’s fine by me.

E – Elephants

Are one of the most amazing creatures on this earth.  I have such a huge respect for them.  They are beautiful and gentle, and yet dominant and fearful at the same time.

F – Family and Friends

My family and friends are so important to me, and always will be.  I couldn’t get through life without having the love, support and care from all my family and friends.

G – Grand Prix

I used to love watching the Grand Prix on a Sunday – but I just don’t find it exciting anymore, long gone are the days of Michael Schumacher and Mikka Hakkinon fighting it out on the last lap, plus life has got really busy for me, and I just don’t have the time to sit and watch the TV anymore.

H -Home

My boyfriend and I bought our first home together in December last year.  We got a new build house through Bovis, and boy was it stressful, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I LOVE my house, and the fact that me and my boyfriend now live together is amazing.

I – Ikea

See above!  I have spent a LOT of time in Ikea, which is no problem for me, as I love it.  We bought a lot of our home furniture and accessories and bits from Ikea – there is nothing you cant get from there!

J – Jobs

I am finally working in a job that I love, and I’m doing something I really enjoy every day.  I have had a few jobs, with my most challenging job being a 999 Call Handler for the Police.

K – Keeping Up With The Kardashians

My secret obsession – I have watched KUWTK for years, and I love it – its so trashy and so over the top, but hell I just cant stop watching it.

L – Love

I have the most AMAZING boyfriend Matt, who looks after me and I LOVE him with all my heart (OK, enough with the soppy crap now!)

M – Money

Money really stresses me out. I worry all the time about having enough money to pay the mortgage, bills etc.  I am just a worrier in general.

N – Night

I’m not the best sleeper in the world, so when I’m awake during the night, instead of doing something helpful to try and get me to relax and go to sleep (like reading) I end up on Facebook, Twitter and ultimately You Tube, which means I usually end up being awake for hours – Oops!

O – Organised

I am a really organised person.  My Filofax and me are never apart. I am also the queen of the “To Do” list – if it doesn’t get written down, then it just doesn’t happen!

P – Phobias

My 2  biggest phobias in life are birds (we have already covered that one – see B), and vomit.  I cant explain it, I just get really panicky and my heart starts thumping.  I need to get this under control, as it really impacts on my life at the moment.

Q – Quebec

Having worked as a Call Handler fore the Police, one of the most important things I had to learn was the phonetic alphabet.  I am proud to say that I can recite the phonetic alphabet off my heart now.

R – Remembering

I have a fantastic memory – for things that happened years ago.  My mum always asks me what year my nan passed away, and when my sister got married because I remember really random things like that. However, I have the most awful short term memory, and my life is ruled by “To Do” lists – if its not written down, it doesn’t get done!

S – Shoes

Ok, well here it comes – I am a shoe addict.  I really don’t know how many pairs of shoes and boots I own, but I do think it is more than 50! (Eek). Most of my shoes come from Primark – so collectively, I probably haven’t spent that much money have I?

T – Twin

I am a twin – I have a sister who is 10 minutes older than me.  We are not identical, but we do look alike.  Everyone asks me what its like having a twin sister – my reply is always the same – I don’t know what its like not having a twin sister.  We are very close, as I am close with my younger sister also.

U – University

I did a BA in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting at Cardiff University. I had the time of my life, and being away from home, and having to look after myself really made me grow up and gain a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities.  Cardiff is such an amazing place, and my boyfriend and I go back every now and again for a weekend of shopping and chilling.

V – Villa (Aston)

My boyfriend is a HUGE Aston Villa fan (he even got a tattoo on his back with the team badge on) I went to a few matches with him last season, and watching football live is so much more exciting than watching it on the TV. The atmosphere is amazing, I cant wait to go back to another match soon.

W – Walk

My boyfriend and I have signed up to take part in the Memory Walk for the Alzheimers Society.  I love taking part in Charity events when I can.  last year, my friend and I completed a 5 mile Starlight Hike for the Sue Ryder charity.

X – X-rays

I was very ill last year, and ended up spending Christmas in hospital and having to have a major operation.  During my time in hospital I had more x-rays, scans and tests than you would even believe possible.

Y – Yoga

I really love taking part in Yoga and Pilates classes at  my gym.  m not the best at it, and definitely not the most flexible person, but I feel a real sense of refreshment and awakening when I have done yoga.

Z – Zodiac

My birthday is January, so I am an Aquarian.  I think I am a typical Aquarian and follow some of the typical traits, such as fighting for causes, dreaming and planning for the future, having fun, and not liking being on my own.           


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