Ok, I need to admit this, I am totally awful at blogging at the moment.

Every day, I sit down with my very long ‘To Do’ List, and always the very first thing at the top of my list is UPDATE BLOG so why do I seem not to be able to do this?

Well, there are several genuine reasons for this, being that at the moment due to family circumstances, my time is very limited, also I have taken on several other personal commitments that are more demanding on my time than I had anticipated, but I love blogging, and I love beauty, so writing about beauty is my one true love.

I am a procrastinator naturally, I make all these amazingly wonderful plans in my head and even on paper, but somehow they never seem to materialise, then I get angry at myself for not pushing myself harder.

I have decide that I am going to push myself with my blog, I can’t promise a post every day, but I am going to post as often as I am able, and that is a promise!

Hopefully, starting my with first post coming up very soon . . .


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