Blogging When You Work Full-Time

I took some time out of my Blog last week – hopefully you guys missed me!? No real reason why, but I just had such a busy week at work and not getting home until… View Post

I Let Myself Go

This is going to be a really hard post for me to write, and to share with you guys, but I am hoping by putting it out there, it will help me, and make me… View Post

My New Tattoo

I had my first Tattoo done for my 30th birthday, and ever since then I have really wanted to get more, but I could never really decide what I wanted. I went though the whole… View Post

Review: Prestige Flowers in support of Cancer Research UK

For me, sending someone flowers as a gift is such a lovely thing to do, but when you know someone who is unwell or going through a tough time of things, sending them flowers hopefully… View Post

May Goals

So, here we all are again, another month has gone by and I am sitting here writing my May Goals post, but with one massive difference this month. I am actually sitting in the garden… View Post